Sggrss 80' Series Articulated Platform Wagon

The Sggrss series articulated platform railway freight wagon with three Z 25 Lsd1 type two-axle bogies is designed for the transport of the 20 and 40' containers. The wagons will be used in combined traffic trains and in international traffic according to RIV both as individual wagons and in block-trains. The wagon consists of two separated carrier parts A, B of similar construction, connected with UIC/ERRI articulation. There is the total of 8 hinged locating pins on the wagon frame. Depending on the freight type, only those locating pins that correspond to the corner castings on the container stay in the work position during loading. The vehicles correspond to the accepted technical rules, rules of materials theory, design and economy. The wagons are low-maintenance, care and control friendly. All parts that require maintenance are easily accessible, and the safety relevant parts (e.g. running gear, brake, draw and buffer gear, etc.) are easily visible. Articulated wagons are designed in compliance with the principle of the UIC 572 Code and they further meet TSI, UIC, RIV, and TE regulations. The wagons are subject to the codification process according to the UIC 596-6 Code and they fall under classification C. The wagons fulfil the following qualities in view of availability/capability:

Technical specifications

Wagon series
Wagon mode
Max. weight per axle
22,5 t
Empty wagon weight
27 t
Loading weight
108 t
Length over buffers
26 700 mm
Distance between bogie pivots
2 x 10 580 mm
Track gauge
1435 mm
Wagon width
2 970 mm
Max. wagon speed empty
120 km/h
Max. wagon speed loaded
100 km/h
Minimum curve
75 m
Bogie type
Y 25
Air brake
Loading length
2 x 12 375 mm
Loading width
2 438 mm
Loading floor height above rail level
1 155 mm
Nominal wheel diameter
920 mm

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Sggrss 80' Series Articulated Platform Wagon

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