Hopper Wagon Faccppns 48 m³

The Faccnpps line hopper wagon serves for the transport of loose bulk materials (aggregate, gravel or sand).
These wagons are loaded and unloaded through the effect of gravity on the mass of the cargo. Unloading of transported materials may be directed both to the centre and through the sides of the wagon.

Technical specifications

Wagon series
Wagon mode
Loading volume
48 m³
Max. weight per axle
22,5 t
Empty wagon weight
21,3 t
Loading weight
68,7 t
Length over buffers
12 680 mm
Distance between bogie pivots
7 880 mm
Distance between outer axles
9 680 mm
Track gauge
1 435 mm
Wagon width
3 125 mm
Wagon height
4 098 mm
Max. wagon speed empty
120 km/h
Max. wagon speed loaded
100 km/h
Minimum curve
150 m
Bogie type
Y 25 Lsi(f)-K
Air brake
Brake distributor valve
Hand brake
Loading opening(s)
10 386 x 1 600 mm
Unloading operation
pneumatically / manual
Nominal wheel diameter
920 mm

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Hopper Wagon Faccppns 48 m³

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